CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2024: English paper tomorrow; last minute preparation tips to score high |

CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education class 12 English paper exam is scheduled to begin tomorrow, i.e February 22, 2024.
English, the subject, is common for students from all streams be it Humanities, Science or Commerce. It is also one of the most scoring papers, and has the potential to increase anyone’s overall CGPA or percentage.With the right preparation strategy and focused attempt in the exam, candidates can score high in this paper.
Students who are appearing for the upcoming exam can follow these last minute preparation tips to score maximum in their papers.
Refresh your knowledge of grammar and know all the basic rules
Begin with a quick review of commonly confused terms and sentence structures. Concentrate on areas where you struggle, such as verb tenses or subject-verb agreement. Practice with exercises tailored to reinforce these concepts.
Revise vocabulary
Try to understand and remember certain jargons to help you phrase answers better. Challenging words from your notes or NCERT chapters. Put them into practice by using them in sentences to cement your understanding. Utilize flashcards or mnemonic devices to aid memorization.
Know all the major literary devices
Refresh your memory on key literary devices like metaphors, similes, and irony. Understanding these devices will aid in analyzing unseen passages and poems effectively. Practice identifying them in different texts to enhance comprehension.
Reading comprehension section
Practice tackling unseen passages with varied writing styles. Time yourself to improve speed and accuracy. Focus on identifying the main idea, supporting arguments, and the author’s purpose in each passage.
Writing/Composition section
Review the formats for different writing styles such as notices, applications, reports, and letters. Brainstorm specific ideas that can be adapted to various exam prompts. Focus on clarity, coherence, and creativity in your writing. Understand all the formats of letters, notices and other components which are mentioned in your syllabus.
Literature section
Avoid rote memorization of summaries. Instead, focus on understanding character traits, plot conflicts, and central themes for each prescribed text. Analyze characters’ motivations and the significance of key events.
Solve timed mock tests in a section-wise manner
Mock Tests Solve at least one recent sample paper under timed conditions. Break the paper up into different sections, and time yourself while solving specific sections. Analyse your mistakes to identify areas for improvement. Simulating exam conditions will enhance your confidence and familiarity with the test format, and help you build your own time-management strategy for the exam.
Take quick notes to remember better
Quick Notes Create short, concise notes highlighting key points from chapters and poems. These notes will serve as a valuable resource for quick revision before the exam. Organize them logically for easy reference.
Keep a calm mindset
Maintain a calm and focused mindset throughout your preparation. Prioritize self-care by ensuring you get enough sleep, eat healthily, and manage stress effectively. Avoid last-minute cramming and trust in your preparation efforts.

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