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The Common Admission Test (CAT) is widely recognized as one of the most challenging entrance examinations in India, attracting a large pool of highly qualified candidates competing for admission into top management institutions in the country. Its rigorous nature has earned it the reputation of being a formidable test of knowledge, perseverance, and mental agility.
As CAT exam approaches, here are some effective day-to-day strategies for last-minute preparation in the final week before the exam.
Day 1 of 7
Mock tests taken in the final stages of preparation are reliable indicators of your preparedness. Don’t just take mock tests, rather schedule the mock test for the slot that you have been allotted for the CAT exam. Treat these CAT mock tests like the real CAT exam.
Engaging in practice tests provides valuable chances to test various exam strategies and pinpoint the most effective ones. Always choose the most recent mock tests that closely mirror the format and marking scheme of CAT 2023, however, you can also choose to take past CAT papers but don’t go beyond the last 5 years papers. Once you are done, look into analysing thoroughly where you lacked the most, and which area needs more practice.
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Day 2 of 7
On Day 2, begin by revisiting the concepts from the section in which you felt you underperformed. It could be anything starting from the QA section to the DILR paper. Remember, this prioritisation of what to revise first should be based on your analysis of the previous day’s mock test that you had taken. Dedicate the day to thoroughly reviewing all the quant concepts, reinforcing your understanding of the chapters where you excel, and addressing your areas of weakness.
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Analyse the topic by chapter and each topic that it is comprised of; this will help you identify patterns and pinpoint areas that require further attention. Stick to what you already know. Don’t start learning new things right now.
Day 3 of 7
For today, dedicate your focus on to the next weakest section, as you have determined from your analysis of your mock test performance. Ideally, you should cover both the sections that are remaining on the syllabus, and brush up all of your concepts that were unclear. However, don’t stress over the paucity of time, rather spend the time effectively so all of the remaining topics are thoroughly revised. You can also spare more hours from your next day preparation if required.
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Day 4 of 7
Take your last mock test before CAT exams today. Don’t focus on how much time you are taking, rather, focus on the accuracy and speed with which you are able to attempt the questions.
This last mock test would also be a determining factor of how well you strategise your time in the examination hall, and what your exam day strategy is to score the maximum amount of marks.
Ensure optimal utilisation and thorough review of your concepts before attempting this paper. This isn’t the moment to tackle new problems; instead, concentrate on reinforcing your strengths and refining your strategies.
Day 5 of 7
Use today’s time to reinforce your comprehension of important ideas and techniques. This day, dedicate yourself to going over formulas in great detail, going over your notes again, and reviewing your CAT exam strategy.
Make sure you are fully familiar with the exam’s guidelines, which include its format, time constraints, and marking system. With this information, you’ll be able to create a customised exam plan that plays to your advantages. Set aside time to focus on the sections in which you feel the most confident.
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Day 6 of 7
The night before the CAT exam demands a balance of calm and readiness. Avoid mock exams and last-minute cramming. Eat a healthy breakfast to ensure that your day runs smoothly. Take pleasure in relaxing activities and surround yourself with supportive people.
For better sleep, have a light, easily digestible dinner. Make getting enough sleep a priority to make sure your mind is completely refreshed for the mental challenge at hand. Remember that the CAT evaluates mental stamina in addition to academic aptitude.
Day 7
On the day of the CAT test, remain composed and focused. Have a healthy breakfast. Remember to carry water and light snacks with you when you arrive early at the exam location. You should not overwork yourself or feel under pressure. Disregard the last-ditch efforts of others and have trust in your own abilities. Recall your strategies with focus as you approach each question. Recall that the CAT evaluates time management, critical thinking, and stability under pressure.

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