Heavy rainfall forces school closures in Lucknow and Uttarakhand

NEW DELHI: In response to severe weather warnings, schools in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and several districts in Uttarakhand have been ordered to remain closed. The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered the closure of all schools in Lucknow, up to class 12, on September 12 in view of an extended heavy rainfall forecast while schools in several Uttarakhand have been shut due to an alert sounded by the state Meteorological Department.
The administration of Lucknow has taken precautionary measures due to an extended heavy rainfall forecast. The Meteorological Department issued a red alert, predicting heavy rainfall until September 12. Consequently, all government, non-government, and private schools in Lucknow, up to class 12, have been directed to remain closed on September 12.
The official notice issued by the administration states, “In view of the alert of heavy rainfall with lightning issued by the Indian Meteorological Department and the bad weather in the state for the last few hours, all government, non-government, and private schools up to class 12 of all boards in urban and rural areas of Lucknow will remain closed on Monday, September 12.”
Additionally, residents have been cautioned to stay indoors due to the risk of severe lightning and heavy rainfall.
In Uttarakhand, specific districts have faced similar weather-related school closures. The Champawat District Magistrate declared a holiday for all schools from primary to class 12 on September 11. This decision came in response to the weather forecast, which predicted heavy rainfall, lightning, thunder, and prolonged intense rain.
Following Champawat’s lead, the Uddham Singh Nagar District Magistrate also announced a school holiday for students from primary to class 12. These decisions were prompted by the India Meteorological Department‘s warnings of adverse weather conditions.
The official notice released by the Champawat District Magistrate states, “In view of the warning issued by the India Meteorological Department, Dehradun, on September 11, all the educational institutions from Class 1 to 12 in all government, non-government, and private schools of Champawat district are declared closed for one day.”
Students and parents in these affected areas have been advised to contact their respective schools for further information regarding school closures and updates.

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